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Underwear Elastic
Underwear Elastic
Boxer Shorts Elastic
Boxer Shorts Elastic

Underwear Elastic Articles
Underwear needs elastic so that it can be properly placed in its position. This elastic helps the underwear to get stretched just like a waistband elastic. The underwear elastic is capable of returning to its original length or size after being stretched or expanded. The kind of underwear elastic you have affects the general health and well being of a person. The elastic should be neither too tight nor loose. The exact width is also important to add to the comfort of the wearer. One must choose underwear elastic with care.

Underwear elastic was invented to provide a comfort fit to the underwear before which a long string made of a fabric was used. The materials used in making underwear elastic are nylon, polyester, rubber, and spandex but many more kinds can also be used. It is either made by hand or by machine with added chemicals. It gives a better grip and support to the underwear. It is used in both men and women.s underwear. These underwear elastics come in various sizes depending on for whom is it manufactured. There are many kind of elastics used in underwear.

The most widely used underwear elastic is the hosiery elastic. It is so because hosiery is the best material for any skin type. Being resistant to perspiration, it lets the skin breathe. It does not give skin rashes. The hosiery elastic is best for children.s underwear as well. But with fast changing styles the fashion market is flooded with a wide range of underwear elastics. There are knitted elastics, woven elastics, thread elastics and many more variety of elastics. Some of the Underwear elastics like the knitted elastic are made to cater to the high end stores and designer brands. Initially the width of the elastic was approximately 6 cm but with changing fashion trends it the 6 cm width is almost obsolete. Now the .in. width could be as low as .3 cm. (who wear.s that?) Many high end as well as local manufacturers have come up with printed logos, designs and name of their brands on these underwear elastics with eye catching colors to give the mundane looking elastic a whole new appeal. VIP, is the most commonly seen men's underwear, which has its name, printed on its elastic. And people being fashion conscious or rather fashion victim, like to show off their underwear elastic.

A small thing like underwear elastic becomes very important even as a style of fashion statement. Wide elastics may be uncomfortable but they help in making you look slim and trim. Choose your underwear elastic with care. It could make all the difference.

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